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A state-of-the-art gray and black 3D printer creating a rapid prototype at RLM Industries in Oxford, MI.

Transforming Ideas into Metal: Rapid Prototyping Explained

Have you ever wondered how a simple idea transforms into a physical metal prototype? The journey from concept to tangible product is an intricate process that combines creativity, technology, and precision. At RLM Industries, we specialize in rapid prototyping services…

A circular container holding bright orange molten metal waiting to be used in forging with a black background.

Investment Casting vs. Forging: A Comprehensive Guide

Did you know that the ancient Egyptians used investment casting to create intricate jewelry and statues? This age-old technique remains vital today, often compared with forging in modern manufacturing. The choice between investment casting and forging can significantly impact your…

Molton aluminum being stirred and skimmed over a fire before the investment casting process at RLM Industries.

A Guide to Aluminum Investment Casting

Aluminum investment casting is a transformative manufacturing process that caters to various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and consumer electronics. At RLM Industries, we pride ourselves on our ability to create complex, lightweight, and high-strength aluminum parts, pushing the boundaries of…

A close-up view of a 3D printing machine working on a rapid prototyping project at RLM Industries.

Unleashing Innovation: The Power of Rapid Prototyping

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, the ability to swiftly transform ideas into tangible prototypes can be a game-changer. Rapid prototyping has emerged as a revolutionary approach, allowing companies to accelerate their product development cycles, streamline design iterations, and bring innovative…

A worker pouring molten metal into a cast at RLM Industries.

Unveiling the Secrets of Stainless Steel Investment Casting

Have you ever wondered how those shiny, durable stainless steel parts are made? From kitchen appliances to medical equipment, stainless steel is everywhere around us. But what makes it so special? With over 800 years of combined experience, RLM Industries…

Bright orange molten metal being poured into a dark iron cast for a prototype at RLM Industries.

RLM Industries – Premier Investment Casting

What do spaceships, surgical tools, and heavy-duty farming equipment all have in common? They all depend on the precise and detailed manufacturing process known as investment casting. Welcome to RLM Industries, where precision meets tradition in the art of investment…