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Investment Casting for Every IndustryWe Prototype, Engineer, & Cast Advanced Components

Unparalleled Investment Casting Services Across the USA

At RLM Industries, we are proud to extend our expert investment casting services coast to coast, providing tailor-made solutions for many industries. With meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to excellence, our state-of-the-art investment casting caters to the complex needs of sectors ranging from construction and medical to military and agriculture. Our adaptable processes and diverse alloy selections ensure that your components meet the highest standards of precision and durability, whether crafting medical-grade implements or rugged construction components.

Embracing innovation and versatility, RLM Industries has become a cornerstone in investment casting, propelling businesses forward with parts that exceed expectations in quality and performance. Let RLM Industries be the foundry to fuel your innovation. Reach out now to start your investment casting project.

Industries Utilizing Our Investment Casting Services

Choosing RLM Industries as your investment casting foundry means benefiting from our comprehensive services that streamline your manufacturing process from conception to final product. Our dedicated engineers and technicians work closely with you to prototype, engineer, and produce metal products that meet and exceed your expectations.

Whether you’re looking to prototype a new part or require a reliable partner for large-scale production, RLM Industries stands ready to support your objectives with our bespoke investment casting solutions. We enable our clients to achieve their goals with less waste, shorter lead times, and unparalleled quality. Explore the industries we serve and the durable products we’ve helped them create!


RLM Industries provides high-precision investment casting services tailored to the construction industry, ensuring the delivery of premium-quality, durable parts for any scale project. Our custom casts meet rigorous structural integrity requirements, offering enduring commercial and residential development performance.


Our investment casting expertise extends to the medical sector, where precision and reliability are imperative. At RLM Industries, we produce superior medical-grade components, aiding in creating intricate surgical tools and dependable medical devices that meet strict industry standards.


At RLM Industries, we are deeply committed to serving the defense industry with investment castings prioritizing strength, precision, and reliability under extreme conditions. Our military-grade components withstand the rigors of service, offering unwavering performance in critical defense equipment.


RLM Industries is at the vanguard of manufacturing innovation, offering investment casting services that enhance efficiency and reduce costs. We deliver flawlessly integrated components that drive smooth production processes across diverse manufacturing sectors.


RLM Industries’ investment castings ensure the robustness and long-term durability required for heavy-duty farming equipment in agriculture. Our precision parts enable agricultural machinery to operate seamlessly, supporting the industry’s quest for higher productivity and reliability.

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