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The Best Investment Casting Services Across the Nation

At RLM Industries, we stand at the forefront of the investment casting industry, offering unparalleled expertise in turning your concepts into high-quality metal components. With a steadfast commitment to innovation, we seamlessly integrate rapid prototyping and advanced product engineering to ensure that every design detail is perfected. Our state-of-the-art facilities are where your ideas are transformed into reality, using the most refined metal casting processes to produce your final product with precision.

We recognize that each project is unique, and our team, equipped with extensive experience and passion, is dedicated to custom-tailoring our manufacturing solutions to meet your exact specifications. We maintain an unwavering attention to quality and efficiency, ensuring that your components are made and masterfully crafted to exceed industry standards.

We Have the Investment Casting Process Perfected

RLM Industries proudly serves an array of industries that are the backbone of our economy. From aerospace to automotive, medical to military, and beyond, our investment casting services are designed to meet the stringent demands of any sector. The precision and flexibility of our casting methods make us an ideal partner for businesses seeking components with complex geometries, exceptional surface finishes, and material integrity that can withstand the rigors of their applications.

Our team understands that the success of our client’s products depends on the quality of their components. Therefore, we adopt a collaborative approach, working closely with you to navigate your industry’s specific challenges and compliance requirements. By choosing RLM Industries, you are selecting a partner with a proven track record of delivering cost-effective and timely casting solutions that drive the success of businesses nationwide.

Metal Casting

Leveraging advanced casting technologies coupled with superior craftsmanship, we ensure you receive durable and precise components. Whether it’s safety-critical aerospace parts or complex medical devices, count on us for unparalleled metal casting solutions.

Prototype Services

Before full-scale production, validate your component’s design and function with our rapid prototype services. We work tirelessly to provide accurate replicas of your product, helping you detect and rectify any potential issues early in the production cycle.


Our seasoned engineers work closely with you to convert your designs into manufacturable components, considering all facets of cost-effectiveness, manufacturability, and performance optimization. We combine technical expertise with a deep understanding of material characteristics, industry requirements, and cutting-edge tools for the best possible results.

Benefits of RLM Industry’s Investment Casting Process

Low Initial Cooling Costs

Initial cooling costs averaged over the parts produced are often less than other manufacturing tool costs.

Elimination of Waste Material

Investment castings are cast to size, decreasing the amount of machining required.

Design Flexibility & Capability

Infinite choice of alloys and design flexibility for internal and external configurations. Virtually any shape or configuration can be investment cast, producing internally complex parts.

Design Enhancements

There are no draft requirements in the investment casting process.


Our process gives a reliable and consistent product from order to order.

Close Tolerances

RLM’s typical linear tolerances can be plus or minus .005 in per inch. However, closer tolerances are frequently achieved on selected dimensions, depending on the alloy and configuration of the part.

Surface Finish Improvement

A surface finish of about 125RMS is standard for our investment castings.

Reproduction of Fine Details

Holes, bosses, and splines can be cast.

Reduction of Production Costs

Costly machining operations can often be eliminated.

Reduction of Assembly Operations

Several parts can be made as a single casting, reducing assembly and handling costs.

Transform Your Component & Part Manufacturing Today

Invest in the best. With RLM Industries, you ensure your components are engineered to perfection. Start a conversation with our experts and step into a world where precision engineering meets excellence in manufacturing.