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Investment Casting Company | DFAR & ITAR Compliant

Premium Investment Casting Services in Oklahoma

At RLM Industries, we specialize in delivering premier investment casting services, serving various industries throughout Oklahoma. A critical tool for crafting parts for various applications, from construction and medical to military and agriculture, our investment casting is the key to precision and durability.

We appreciate that our industry spectrum demands diverse yet precise casting needs. It could be hefty construction machinery, intricate medical devices, advanced defense equipment, or hard-working agricultural tools; we tailor our services to meet each sector’s unique specifications.

Providing Precision Casting Services for Every Industry

At RLM Industries, our strength extends beyond sophisticated investment casting. We offer an integrated approach to prototyping, engineering, and production processes that secures the ultimate quality of your final metal products.

Our foundry incorporates best-in-class technologies and techniques, ensuring swift and efficient development from the initial concept to the completed product. We are attentive to every detail, ensuring optimal engineering decisions and accurate craftsmanship that bring your products to life with unbeaten quality and cost-effectiveness.

Metals That Can Be Used For Investment Castings

  • Aluminum
  • Alloy Steel
  • Beryllium
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Carbon Steel
  • Cobalt Alloys
  • Copper
  • Ductile Iron
  • Nickel

Our Foundry's Investment Casting Services


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Nationwide Leaders in Customized Metal Casting for Various Industries


Investment casting for the construction industry creates components that are structurally sound and tailored to meet the rigorous demands of building and infrastructure projects. From architectural hardware to heavy-duty machinery parts, our precise casting ensures longevity and durability.


In the medical industry, our investment casting services provide the high precision and reliability needed to produce surgical instruments, implants, and equipment. These parts require stringent standards for accuracy, cleanliness, and biocompatibility, all of which are hallmarks of our casting process.


For military applications, our casting services deliver parts that meet the utmost strength, durability, and precision requirements. Whether for vehicles, weaponry, or communication devices, our casts ensure that military hardware can withstand the most extreme conditions and demanding use.


Our investment casting services support manufacturing by providing highly accurate and repeatable parts for machinery, tools, and components. This process allows for the efficient production of high-quality parts, reducing waste and improving overall productivity.


Agriculture benefits from our investment casting services by producing sturdy and reliable components for farming equipment and machinery. These parts are designed to perform under the harsh conditions of agricultural work, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear.

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From prototype to final product, RLM Industries is committed to helping you streamline processes and enhance performance. Contact us today, and let our investment casting services transform your vision into a tangible reality.

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