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Investment Casting Company | DFAR & ITAR Compliant
Casting for Advanced Military Applications

The Leading Provider of Military-Grade Investment Casting

At RLM Industries, we are proud to offer unparalleled investment casting services that meet the rigorous demands of the military and defense industry across the United States. Our dedication to quality, precision, and durability places us at the forefront of suppliers capable of delivering components that meet the highest strength and reliability standards. By choosing our investment casting solutions, you are entrusting your needs to a team that understands the critical importance of every detail in military applications.

Our investment casting process allows us to create parts and components with exceptional accuracy and integrity, making them ideally suited for the complex and demanding environments encountered by military and defense operations. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and advanced metallurgical techniques, we can produce castings that not only meet but exceed the stringent requirements of our clients. From aerospace components to firearms and personal protective equipment, RLM Industries has the expertise to deliver high-quality investment castings that ensure maximum performance and durability.

Your DFAR & ITAR Certified Investment Casting Foundry

Choosing a DFAR & ITAR-certified foundry like RLM Industries for your military-grade products guarantees that you work with a provider who adheres to the stringent regulations and standards required for defense-related projects. Our certification is a testament to our commitment to security, quality, and reliability in every aspect of our operation. This ensures that your projects are handled with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism, keeping sensitive information and materials secure throughout production.

The advantages of working with RLM Industries extend beyond compliance. Our investment casting services offer superior design flexibility, allowing for the production of complex shapes and intricate details with minimal waste and high repeatability. This efficiency, combined with our advanced quality control processes, ensures that every casting from our foundry meets the demanding specifications and durability required for military applications. With RLM Industries, you benefit from faster lead times, cost-effectiveness, and the assurance that your components are manufactured to the highest standard.

Harness the Full Potential of Our Investment Casting Foundry

Military Investment Casting Applications

  • Firearm components: gun triggers, hammers, bolt carrier groups
  • Avionics: aircraft engine parts, structural components
  • Tank components: precision parts for engines, transmission components
  • Naval parts: propellers, valves, missile components
  • Communication equipment: casings and components for secure radios and field communication devices
  • Protective gear: components for body armor, helmets, and shields
  • Optical devices: mounts and housing for scopes, night vision equipment, and laser systems
  • Unmanned systems: intricate parts for drones and robotic equipment


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