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Product Engineering & Design

Precise Engineering for Your Investment Casting Needs

Product design complexities can be a significant hurdle in turning your concepts into reality. At RLM Industries, we’ve observed that a frequent challenge for our clients is achieving that delicate balance between design intricacy and manufacturability. Materials selection and design often pose stumbling blocks that can delay your project and escalate costs. Our product engineering services team navigates these challenges, transforming technical impediments into optimized solutions.

From concept to creation, the product engineering services at RLM Industries are specifically designed to mitigate common manufacturing issues. Our team ensures that your designs are technically sound and cost-effective, but we also prioritize maintaining the integrity of your original vision. With a client-centered approach, we offer bespoke engineering design services that refine and enhance your ideas into tangible, high-quality casting products.

Engineering Excellence Meets Casting Precision

RLM Industries engineers are not just experts in their field but innovators, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in casting engineering. This dedication translates into tangible benefits for your casting projects, such as reduced production times, cost efficiencies, and superior quality casts that meet the intricate demands of your component designs.

Moreover, our commitment to quality engineering services encompasses every phase of your project. From the initial consultation for product design to the final delivery of the metal casting, we ensure a process that’s transparent, collaborative, and tailored to your specific needs.

Advantages of Working with Advanced Prototyping Engineers

  • Design Freedom – Unlock the potential of your designs with our ability to cast almost any shape or configuration you can envision. This freedom allows for part functionality optimization, enabling your engineers to innovate without constraints.
  • In-House Tooling – Experience the seamless transition from concept to reality, thanks to our in-house tooling capabilities.
  • Strength – With RLM Industries, experience the seamless transition from concept to reality, thanks to our complete in-house tooling capabilities.
  • Support – At RLM Industries, unparalleled support is the essence of our relationship with you. We believe our job isn’t done until you’re completely satisfied, embedding a partnership approach into every project we undertake.
  • Specifications –
  • Tolerance: +/-0.010 for the 1st inch, +/- .005 per inch thereafter
  • Size: Max 26” Length
  • Weight: .3 oz – 250 lbs
  • Structure: structurally sound parts, often selected where x-rays are used to assure integrity
  • Surface quality: 125-micron finish standard

Advanced Metal Casting Solutions Streamline Manufacturing

Product Engineering FAQs

Investment casting engineering is a specialized process involving the creation of detailed, high-precision metal components. It involves an initial wax pattern, followed by creating a ceramic mold around this pattern, and eventually pouring molten metal into the mold. Once the metal solidifies, the ceramic mold is removed to reveal a high-precision cast part.

Investment casting, also known as lost-wax casting, stands out due to its ability to produce components with exceptional detail, complex geometries, and smooth finishes, which require minimal machining or finishing work. Compared to other casting methods like sand casting or die casting, investment casting can achieve tighter tolerances and allows for the casting of more intricate designs.

Investment casting is known for achieving excellent tolerances and maintaining dimensional accuracy for small and large components. At RLM Industries, we consistently hit tight tolerance thresholds, guaranteeing parts are produced to the exact client specifications.


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